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Agarwood is mainly formed as a resinous substance deep inside some particular kind of trees and is found mainly in south Parts of asia. There are many religions and culture which prize agarwood, which is not a wood at all, as perfume oil and incense when they perform religious ceremonies. The excessive harvesting of this species makes the resin rare and now it's included in the listing of endangered tree species in some countries.

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Agarwood is known by different names and some of the popular ones including eaglewood, heartwood aloes wood and agarwood etc. It's malleable as well as sticky in characteristics, but not produced by trees naturally likes majority of other sap. It forms inside a very small percentage of trees originating from Aquilaria family, which is sometimes called thymelaeceae. This tress species grows mainly in rainforest and temperate regions and are found in Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam etc. These tress grow rapidly even just in poor soil conditions, as long as they get sufficient quantity of water.

The hard truth is that these trees aren't valued for their lumber, but they're looked as anomalous substances of agarwood which forms because of genetic mutation of infection. You can't tell concerning the yield of the tress before you work and split it open. They are a renewable resource, however over harvesting has results in its extinction from the 3 parts of the world.

Agarwood can also be utilized in incense sticks as well as medicinal smoke. This tree has got a religious touch also, as agarwood oil or Oudh can be used in holy places of Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and Shintoism etc as incense or temple offerings. This is the reason why agarwood is many a times known as "wood of god". Nowadays, even soaps and cosmetics have incorporated the distinctive aroma of agarwood.

Oudh or agarwood oil continues to be treasured and loved for centuries by romantics and mystic alike. It is also proclaimed as an aid to meditation. Because this tree species is facing an extinction threat, majority of the agarwood on the market is now obtained through poaching. To prevent it from extinction, many farmers have now started replanting these trees throughout the region. Everyone is being asked to plant the saplings of these trees.

Practicing sustainable as well as organic harvesting methods, the extractions and plantations centers are providing means of livelihood for honest families as well as making certain these beautiful trees remain around for many years to come.

Agarwood oil is costly, not only because it is rare but also it's of extremely high quality. All the work for making this oil is done manually, with sincere dedication and respect for the trees and also the land. Unlike earlier days, steam distillation technique is not used now for its distillation. Instead CO2 extraction technique is now getting used because it is more environment-friendly.

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