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Most online marketers use an autoresponder in their armoury and it's easy to see why because this clever automated assistant keeps you in contact with your prospects and customers on the 24/7 basis.

An autoresponder, because the name suggests, provides an automated sequence of emails which are sent when someone subscribes for an list or provides their email address to you in some manner.

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Autoresponders are useful in a number of ways but the following would be the principal uses:-

1) Ensure you have a sign-up form in your landing page along with a high quality offer to encourage prospects to submit their current email address. Your autoresponder will then add their address towards the list and send out your carefully prepared series of emails to the prospect.

2) Email courses can be programmed in to the autoresponder to become sent at regular intervals predetermined on your part.

3) Customers who require technical support can be sent an e-mail automatically telling them that you have received their request and will respond as quickly as possible.

4) One off broadcasts could be sent to your list letting them know of new products or sale items for example.

However, of all of the uses of an autoresponder, the most crucial is the ability to keep in contact together with your customers and potential customers.

There are free autoresponder services available but in business as in life you receive what you purchase. Remember that a free service might not be able to handle the number of people in your list because it grows or indeed be able to do the things you want from this.

Even those that sign up voluntarily will seldom buy from you immediately. This is where the autoresponder along with a well constructed email series comes in.

So many online marketers fail to take advantage of the power of the autoresponder. The only real follow ups they send are their ezine and maybe some one off broadcasts.

By adding further follow-up emails to your sequence, you can preserve in touch with prospects and boost the chance of landing that all important first sale.

It is possible over time to add 52 follow-ups to your series, one for every week. These would typically contain further information about a product you've on offer or even recommendations on affiliate products and programs or services the prospect may find of interest.

Likewise, it's possible, even desirable, to transmit follow up emails to people who have bought from you. As long as they are happy with the product and the whole buying experience has been a good one, these customers might buy form you again.

Your autoresponder series can be set up to maximise this opportunity by sending thanks emails followed by help and advice to ensure that the customer has got the most from the merchandise.

It's essential that you simply optimise the use of your autoresponder in your internet business as it not only ensures you maintain good contact with your list but it also frees you up to do various other productive things.

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